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Whittaker Fine Art Appraisals has over 15 years of academic and international experience with art evaluation. As members of ISA, our professional appraisers have the skills and network to create high quality, USPAP-compliant reports catered specifically to your requirements. 
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we specialize in American, european, and asian fine art

Fine art appraisals, for any discerning client, by unbiased experts who value discretion.

Specializing in assessing American, European and Asian fine art, we’re capable of appraising a vast range of corporate and personal property items from private or public collections in a timely manner. From valuations of paintings and sculptures to works on paper, you can trust Whittaker Fine Art Appraisals (WFAA) to help you discover what your art is worth.

As an objective third party, our courteous, professional experts here at WFAA can discreetly and ethically identify and valuate art to serve an array of purposes.


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Our scholarly background ensures methodical, extensive analysis of your property to form a reliable judgment supported by comprehensive research.

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Because an appraisal is a fact-supported opinion based upon informed judgments and in-depth research to determine value or estimate a cost of the work, your art appraiser should be both methodical and extensive in their analyses like we are at WFAA.

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Professional & Ethical

  • Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA AM)
  • Strict adherence to the ISA Code of Ethics
  • Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Compliant for 2020-2021

Acute research & Observation Skills

Highly developed skills in observing details honed through past and ongoing work teaching Art History at accredited domestic and international universities

Breadth of Knowledge & Experience

  • Formally educated in art history, backed by Masters and Doctoral degrees
  • Decade of experience in working with museum quality objects
  • Mastery of in-depth research methodologies

acclaimed network

Well connected with colleagues and field experts in nationally acclaimed universities and museums for further assistance when needed.


It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.

Claude monet

what to expect

Our meticulous process and what’s included in your USPAP-compliant appraisal report.

When you contact us for a consultation, we’ll review your circumstance to understand fully your requirements and provide answers to any questions. Below is a simplified overview of what to expect.

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We’ll meet to discuss your appraisal report needs and use this information to come to a contractual agreement detailing responsibilities, expectations, timing and fees.


With integrity, we use extensive documentation and photography coupled with a variety of attentive, mindful procedures to conduct a careful assessment and to write a formal description of your work(s).

Data Collection

Research begins and through proven methodologies we will identify the work(s) and determine value through market analysis and appropriate valuation research.

Final Report

The final appraisal report covers the intended use, objective, parties involved, valuation approach, research data, property description, justified reasoning and valuation conclusion.

For a specific list of contents, you can read more about our appraisal report.


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